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Woolfolk Productions was officially established in February of 2013 by media entrepreneur and life coach  Ms. K. Fatimah Woolfolk.  With roots in the performing arts as a 1st chair violinist and child actor, Woolfolk's background and experience in the entertainment business spans well over 20 years. It includes; writing stage plays, television & film production, poetry, acting, print and television journalism, voice over, film marketing, talent-development, publicist and management. As of 2021 Woolfolk is currently a certified talent agent.


Mission: The primary mission of the company is to entertain, inspire and empower humanity. Delivering nothing short of their original projects. Sharing experimental out of the box content aimed at increasing peace, love and understanding. The goal is to move beyond just delivering mere entertainment.


Acting Classes will build self esteem, expand creativity and encourage making our world a better place via our voice by using our gifts and talents. Services and works are attached to:

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