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About Classes

Select the classes you are most interested in from the attached pdf shown. Don’t worry if you need some guidance with this just let us know. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced we will cover specific aspects of the industry with you. From protecting your rights, preparing for your audition to the callback. 


Most classes are taped and played back for you. This allows you to see your improvement. We also offer online classes for your convenience. Our goal is to help you overcome your fears and witness you produce exceptional work. 


We use the reactive and method acting approach in our instruction. This will help new and experienced actors alike land the roles that they have been dreaming of. In addition to the acting techniques that you need, we'll also cover important business topics that will prepare you to excel in Hollywood and beyond. 


Let's Get Started!

  • Read the PDF document carefully 

  • Learn about membership incentives

  • Select an option 

  • Submit your payment

  • Email us your chosen classes, city location & Specify age group       ages: 7 and up                                        

  • Class times are typically

       Mon-Thursday or Mon-Friday

       6pm to 8pm 

  • We can work to accommodate your schedule. Ask about online classes.

Class Locations: Classes are typically held either in close proximity to or in the heart of downtown areas of major cities. This includes cities like Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, D.C. We ensure locations are conveniently accessible to public transportation, hotels and restaurants. College campuses, historical sites and supportive business and government venues are common sites for classes. Details on class location are shared after you submit payment. 

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*Due to Covid 19 * 


are limited to select private coaching

* Virtual Sessions *

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