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Talent Agent  Services

Securing the blueprint of your legacy.

A subsidiary of Woolfolk Productions, The Woolfolk Agency & Associates LLC (WAA) is a California state certified talent agency representing select talent. Talents include;

  • Artists of the entertainment industry for TV, Radio and Film.

  • Public Figures

  • Influencers

  • Models 

  • Athletes (coming soon)


Our mission is to represent quality talent and optimize opportunity complimenting legacy. Professionalism, respect, effective communication, and faith encompasses our holistic approach to securing the blueprint of your legacy.

Want to learn more about our services featured on Instagram? Sign up here to schedule a phone call for further information. We will be highly selective on who will be accepted into our program. Space will be limited at this time. 

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We are not accepting solicitations for representation at this time. Please check back for updates and join our email list for further information and resources. 

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